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5 stars. "Hands down the most interesting and useful marketing book  I own.
Finally...the mechanism of purchasing decisions revealed in a concise, powerful, and immediately useful manner. The book is far underpriced and I bought in my office and one that travels with me ... a modern business classic. No-brainer, must-read. (no, I don't work for the author)." RZ, Philadelphia PA


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Push the Hot Buttons that get People to Buy

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A hot button is a motivation that triggers an emotion in a prospective buyer. This cue causes that person to buy something or execute some action. A hot button is an emotional pull, or even a statement that makes the earth move for someone. A hot button is a turn-on for the consumer. For instance, when Apple introduces a new iPod, some people actually drool.

Win the hearts of consumers (even -- or especially -- business-to-business consumers) and the mind will follow.  Pushing hot buttons is how you get the buyer to say yes -- how you flip the switch that will lead customers to either buy the product or want more information on a product or service.

There are two reasons people buy products. The rational reason and the real reason. Hot Button Marketing shows you how to identify and push the hot buttons that will prompt consumers to purchase your product over a competitors! Filled with tips and insights that can be applied at every stage of marketing-from product development to one-to-one selling-Hot Button Marketing shows you how to hit the sixteen essential hot buttons and get your product sold.

Barry Feig's book brings consumer behavior down to a practical level by explaining the 16 psychological motivations  that determine all human purchase behavior: brings the sales/purchase process into clearer focus. 

Feig, a leading consumer behaviorist with more than two decades of experience developing new products and marketing strategies in the b2b and b2c markets. Using example after example, he de-mystifies the sales/purchase process and gives marketers solid advice and real-world examples for bringing products to market.

  • Hot Button Marketing is actionable -- real world, usable strategy, not just theory.

  • Illustrative, idea stirring, real life scenarios and examples on how a particular hot button can be applied to create sales.

  • Numerous checklists and visual devices make this book immediately useful.

Instill your product or sales  pitch with the 16 key motivations. 








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