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Barry Feig, a world-renowned marketing strategist, has been responsible for generating in excess of $3 billion in sales for companies such as  American Express, First Brands, Colgate-Palmolive, American Cyanamid, and Pepsico.

His untraditional "the consumer drives the market" approach has been responsible for the success of countless household items like Glad Lock Storage Bags, Colgate Baking Soda with Peroxide, Colgate Junior Toothpaste, American Express' Gift Cheques and Membership Saving's Program, Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets, Ralston-Purina's Kibbles & Chunks and Lucky Dog dog foods, R.T. French's Vive La Dijon, and Deli Singles. He has also created a medical glove that is revolutionizing burn treatments in hospitals across the country.

Feig, has authored more than fifty articles, published in Advertising Age, Executive Female, American Demographics, and Marketing and Sales Management. He writes a monthly column on marketing strategy for Food & Beverage Marketing and other trade magazines.
His book, The New Products Workshop, Hands-on Tools for Developing Winners, published by McGraw-Hill, allows the reader to tap into his breakthrough techniques to conceive, develop and market successful products -- or to revitalize existing ones.

His second book, Marketing Straight to the Heart, has been published by Amacom and has recently been translated into Chinese and German for the burgeoning markets of  Mainland China and Germany.

Prior to founding the Barry Feig's Center for Product Success. Feig owned two advertising agencies, Ad Ventures and Feig Communications, both in New York.

Specializing in the automotive, packaged goods and high technology fields, his clients included IBM, Schenley Distillers, and Curtis Instruments, Feig has taught M.B.A. level courses in Strategic Marketing at the University of New Mexico. He has held memberships in the American Management Association, including their President's Club, Product Development Management Association (PDMA), the American Marketing Association and the Sales and Marketing Executives Club.


Telephone                505-231-1529
Postal address          Santa Fe, NM  87508
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